Wearable Art Gallery

Nuno Felted and Eco-Print Wearable Art by Kay Klose

Kay Klose wearable art include hats, scarves shawls, tops, dresses, and coats made from natural fibers and dyes.  Each item is handcrafted and unique. Eco-print clothing is created with natural dyes from native plants permanently bonded to the plant based fibers using a special pressure and heat process. Kay uses only the finest silk in her creations.

Nuno felted garments are sculpted wearable art, handmade using the Nuno Felted technique. Fine merino wool and other natural fibers are bonded through a process involving soap, water and friction to create a beautiful durable garment of a textile unlike anything else in your wardrobe. It will give you a lifetime of comfort and distinction.

Your Kay Klose orginal will turn heads wherever you go. Her clothes will identify you as an individual with a unique and personal fashion sense like no other wearable art will. They are perfect for gifts for those who appreciate original art you wear and that is functional and durable.

Your wearable art eco-print or nuno felted garments are easy to care for. Hand wash in luke-warm water with mild non-detergent soap; do not agitate. Blot out excess water with towel and lay flat to dry.