Kay Klose – Encaustic, Eco-Print, Jewelry, and Nuno-felt Artist

Upon graduation from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1983, Kay packed her darkroom and moved to Alaska. Living on boats and in a cabin in the woods without electricity led her to explore other mediums including Polaroid transfers, painting, film and jewelry. Her heart and opportunity took her into a Behavioral Health career for 28 years where her two passions of  art and helping people resulted in the development of a  nationally recognized work force development healing arts program for artists experiencing homelessness, mental illness substance abuse and other disabilities. She is now working full time as an artist.

Kay’s passion for adventure and nature led her to the Encaustic medium in 2010. “Enkaustikos” which means to burn, was a process developed by shipbuilders in ancient Greece. Wax, resin, pigment and heat were used to caulk hulls and decorate war ships.  Unmatched depth and luminosity is created with the process of fusing one layer to the next with   heat or a blow torch.  Kay loves working with the element of  fire and the fact she can incorporate made and found objects  into her work. Her encaustic work has been selected in numerous national juried exhibitions  and awards.

In 2013  she began eco-printing and nuno felting.  She designs and makes up-cycled eco-printed clothing with the harvest from her garden and works with new natural fibers mainly, quality silks to  eco-print scarves. Each eco-print is in one of a kind and made by laying leaves and flowers on fabric and steaming it to set the natural dyes.

Nuno felted hats, nuno felted scarves and shawls, and nuno felted dresses, and coats are made by a process of bonding fine merino wool to silk and other natural fibers with soap water and friction. Little if any sewing is involved to create sculpted durable  garments that will last a life time.   Nuno felted garments can be custom-tailored to individuals.

Kay designs and hand produces each piece of jewelry herself which are created with quality materials.

Over the years Kay’s work has been featured in numerous galleries and museums which  include the Alaska State Museum, UC Berkeley, Mills College to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. , and the Eggman Walrus Gallery Santa Fe New Mexico.

blue and green nuno felted hat

Nuno Felted Hat